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Senior Vice President  
Chicago, Illinois (Remote)

The Senior Vice President will provide leadership, direction, focus, and expertise that helps the company achieve its goals and maximize its full potential.



Reporting to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, the Senior Vice President will:

  • Lead the development of business strategies, plans, budgets, and investments that impact the company’s growth and financial success.

  • Increase revenue growth and market share. Drive the organization’s leadership, visibility, and influence within the metrology industry and the industries it serves.

  • Facilitate the development and commercialization of new products which keep the company at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

  • Manage an established team to ensure day to day operations function within operational, quality, and financial targets. Deliver financial and operational results which meet or exceed targeted expectations.



  • Proven performer in leading the development and commercialization of specialty manufactured industrial products for a business-to-business marketplace.

  • Demonstrated success as a growth catalyst and senior executive within a product centric, specialty industrial manufacturing firm.

  • Demonstrated success with customer relationship management software (CRM), managing sales and marketing functions, and understanding the difference.

  • Strong leadership skills, and success with developing and leading high performing teams.

  • Ability to travel locally, regionally, and internationally on a periodic basis.

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